Channapettah Tourism

Mesmerizing Kudukathupara is located 840 metres above sea level. You can walk up to as high as 780 m.The sights that you see once you reach the top is breath-taking indeed. You can view four districts of Kerala and a bit of Tamil Nadu as well. In the dense forest ranges of the Alayamon Panchayat in Anchal, Kudukathupara stands majestically. Kudukathupara Ecotourism project recognized by Kerala Tourism Department and District Tourism Promotion Council, which comes under the functional area of our bank, attracts mass attention now. It is included in the India's first ecotourism project Thenmala - Palaruvi - Jadayupara link. Kudukathupara Ecotourism project can be reached by travelling 71 km on road from Trivandrum,63 kms from Kollam and 23 kms from Punalur. It would be useful for the public if the following could be done. Considering the medicinal importance of the area, preparing and providing the information on medicinal plants would be really beneficial. Selling points for forest crops and by-products will certainly attract more number of tourists. Internet cafes must be prepared to serve the needs of tourists from other countries. Exhibition of traditional art forms, martial arts etc will enhance the travelers interests. A rope-way connecting Kudukathupara with the nearby mountain ranges. Urgent steps have to taken to explore the natural beauty of Kudukathupara which will in turn expand the social and economic life of the villagers.


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